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Pros and Cons of a Pedestal Sink

Ever wonder why so many small half-baths have pedestal sinks in them opposed to a built-in sink? Pedestal sinks actually have a lot of advantages to them, often times making them a top choice for smaller bathrooms; but like most things in life, with every pro comes a con or two.

Pedestal Sink Pros


Save Space

Just by looking at a pedestal sink you can instantly see that it will take up less space than a sink that is built into a cabinet and countertop. Not only do pedestal sinks take up less room physically, but also visually. They will leave your bathroom looking and feeling much more open. If you have an exceptionally small half bath that you are trying to “open” up and make look a bit larger, than a pedestal sink is the solution.



Pedestal sinks are the epitome of style. Depending on the details and lines of the sink you choose, pedestal sinks can be incorporated into just about any style bathroom. Need something to tie into your traditional home? A detailed pedestal sink with engraved lines throughout the pedestal and curves around the bowl will be perfect. Looking for something more streamlined to continue the modern or contemporary style all the way through the half bath? A simple and elegant pedestal sink with harsh edges and straight lines is your go to sink.

Pedestal Sink Cons


Lack of storage

Pedestal sinks, although great for aesthetics, do not give you much storage. In fact, they typically have little to storage to provide. This is the main reason so many homeowners choose to install a pedestal sink into a half bath. More often than not, half baths do not need much (if any) storage, making them the perfect space for a beautiful pedestal sink.


Counter space

Just as pedestal sinks do not provide storage underneath, they also do not provide much counter space either. That being said, for a half bath, pedestal sinks tend to have more than enough counter space to fit a soap dispenser, candle and one or two other items you may want to display on your sink.

No matter what your homes’ style is, a pedestal sink will fit in. Coming in a variety of shapes and styles, pedestal sinks make the perfect aesthetic and practical addition to nearly any half bath in a home. Take a look at our selection of pedestal sinks here.