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Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Quick and easy spring cleaning tips for your home Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home
The weather is starting to warm up and flowers are blooming. The days are getting longer and the chance to relax by the pool is getting closer and closer. Springtime is rapidly approaching, which means a lot of different things for us here in the valley. One thing that springtime means is spring cleaning.

Before you start cringing at the idea of having to deep clean and organize your home, know that we are here to help you with the process! This dreaded task doesn’t have to be so terrible. If you use a few simple tips, tricks, and hacks, you could be done with spring cleaning in no time!

Not only will the process be simple and easy, but it will leave you feeling renewed. With all of the purging, organizing, and sanitizing you’ll do, you will feel like your home is brand new.

Some of the tips we will go over today will help you with the following tasks:

• Deep cleaning
• Purging
• Organizing
• Rearranging

After you take these few steps, you will no longer dread the task of spring cleaning, you will welcome it!

Deep Cleaning

You never know just how dirty your home can become until you take the time to deep clean it. You find dirt in places you didn’t know existed and you realize that doing an onceover of vacuuming and sweeping may not be enough. Whether you live alone or you have a packed house of family members and pets, dirt accumulates much quicker than you think and can be quite a challenge to remove.

We will lay out simple steps to help you deep clean all of the areas in your home so you can finally be rid of dust and grime, once and for all!


What type of flooring do you have in your home? Is it wood, tile, laminate, concrete or carpet? Is it high end or lower-quality material? Regardless of what type of flooring you have, there is one thing that all floors have in common: they all get dirty! No matter how much money you spend on floors, there is no such thing as flooring that is dirt resistant. Fortunately for you, we know the best ways to get your grimy surfaces fresh and clean.

With the right tools and a little elbow grease, your floors can be sparkling like new in no time. Take a look at our detailed how-to article about taking the right approach to cleaning your type of floor—and see the transformation happen right before your eyes!

Stainless Steel

If your kitchen has a traditional porcelain sink or a laminate refrigerator or dishwasher, cleaning your appliances can be as easy as wiping them down with a wet rag. However, if you have stainless steel appliances in your home, you need to take a unique approach to cleaning them to ensure that they do not get damaged in the process.

The best option when cleaning stainless steel appliances is investing in a stainless steel cleaner. These cleaners polish your appliances and can make any stains or scratches vanish after one use. Be sure to read the directions on the back of the stainless steel cleaner you choose, and put it to work! It will have the appliances in your kitchen looking brand new.


The next best way to completely clean your home for spring is sanitizing every nook and cranny you can find! Sanitizing surfaces and appliances is the best way to start. Using a disinfecting spray or wipes, clean off every inch of the surfaces in your home including sinks, countertops, picture frames, toys, etc. If you have carpets or rugs, take this process one step further by steam cleaning them, ensuring that every morsel of dirt and bacteria is gone.


After you have cleaned your home, the next step in the spring cleaning process is purging clutter. It’s amazing how many material items people can accumulate in a period of six to twelve months, and you never realize just how much stuff you have until you start going through it all and making the decision to get rid of it!

Go through your home, room by room, and make decisions about what is necessary to keep and what you need to get rid of. Once you get the ball rolling on this project, it moves quickly and you can easily clean out your entire home while giving yourself more space in each room!

A good idea to implement during this process is to create a donation pile. If there’s anything that you want to get rid of that is still in good shape, donate it to your local Goodwill or consignment store! Not only are you accomplishing some spring cleaning, but you are also helping out people in need as well.


Now that you have gotten rid of any unnecessary items, it’s time to organize the things you have left! There’s no better time of year than the spring to invest in storage bins and other organizational tools. By designating certain containers for specific items and labeling them, you create more space in your home and also eliminate confusion when you need to find something quickly.

Maybe take this project one step further by doing your own DIY organizing and adding cute decorative aspects to storage areas!


Nothing gives you the feeling of a fresh start like rearranging items in your home. It gives you a new perspective, and it allows you to utilize the space in your home in new and fun ways. Whether you want to rearrange just one room or you want to go all out and rearrange every room in your home, this is a fun and easy way to end your spring cleaning project.

If you have a family, rearranging items in your home is great opportunity to get together and decide what you want the new look for your home to be. If you live alone, it’s a great opportunity to help yourself get a fresh perspective on things and to make some positive changes in your life!