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Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas for a Relaxing Retreat

Modern home with textured shower tile.

Why choose Imperial Wholesale for your Shower Tile?

No room is more overlooked than the bathroom. It’s valued for its utility, seen as a place to perform our morning and evening routines, but rarely given much more consideration. However, this way of thinking completely ignores a bathroom’s full potential. A beautifully designed bathroom should look as nice as a hot shower after a long day feels. Your bathroom should be a calming space to slip away to, an oasis within your home. The best way to achieve this is with shower tile. Gorgeous and inspiring tile can take a bland and unoriginal bathroom from functional to fashionable. At Imperial Wholesale, you can find a wide variety of bathroom shower tile ideas that fit your style and budget. We carry everything from modern wood-look tile to colorful mosaic tile that will transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Here are four looks that will have you ditching the spa and spending a night in with your stunning new shower.  

Modern Walk-In Shower with Wood-Look Tile

Wood doesn’t look like it belongs in the bathroom, yet with the rising popularity of wood-look tile, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This trendy type of tile is made from porcelain. Anything classified as porcelain has to meet strict water absorption criteria which means that you can feel confident using it in the shower. Wood-look tiles are a great way to extend your existing style to the rest of your home. If you’re a fan of minimalist whites and greys, Imperial Wholesale’s K-Wood Desert tile is a great way to get that look in the bathroom, starting at only $1.49 per square foot. Its light, monochromatic coloring gives your shower a sleek and unified feel. You can even use this type of tile throughout your entire bathroom to create seamless flooring that opens up the space. This works particularly well for small bathrooms, making them appear bigger.   Warm wood-look shower tiles. In addition, more high-contrast wood-look tiles can create a modern farmhouse vibe. Imperial Wholesale’s Travel East Grey is a great example. It still has the light-toned faded look of the K-Wood Desert tiles, but with browner hues and richer texture, giving it a more traditional wood-look. This pairs well with the faded and off-white tones of farmhouse style décor. Try extending this look from floor to ceiling to give your shower a warm and rustic backsplash.   Beautiful textured and wood-look shower tile.

Walk-In Shower Patterns that Inspire

In most walk-in showers, the back wall is the focal point of the entire bathroom and the perfect space to create an eye-catching design. Think of it as your bathroom’s accent wall. There are a few ways you can achieve this look. For example, the easiest way is through bold or colorful mosaic tile. The tile you pick will set the tone for the bathroom and the rest of the shower tile can be planned around this statement piece. Imperial Wholesale’s Art Corot tile creates an elegant, flowing design. This type of tile starts at $2.99 per square foot, making it an affordable way to add some flare to your bathroom. Try outlining this intricate pattern with a single layer of subway tiles, offset by a sea of white or neutral toned tile to create a framed masterpiece within your shower. You can also add a few tiles to a shower bench or niche, rather than an accent wall, to create an even more distinctive look.   Polished shower tiles. A more minimalist approach to creating inspiring shower patterns is taking your existing tile and arranging it in a different direction for a touch of elegance and embellishment. Contrast walls of horizontal tile with a section of vertical tile. Similarly, find tiles of the same stone that come in various shapes and sizes. Imperial Wholesale’s Arabescato Carrara tile is available in many patterns such as hexagonal, herringbone and basketweave. They’re an easy and affordable way to make statement patterns. For instance, try using the Arabescato Carrara 2”x4” as a backdrop and framing the Arabescato Carrara Herringbone within it. This is a simple yet sleek way to make your shower stand out.   Offset brick shower tile.

Marble Luxury Walk-In Shower

Who said marble was just for countertops? Marbled bathrooms look like a thing of extravagance, reserved exclusively for high-end spas, but they’re closer within your reach than you think. Starting at just $2.99 per square foot, Imperial Wholesale’s marbled porcelain tiles are a budget-friendly way to get the look of luxury. On its own, marble creates a statement, which means you don’t need to worry about pairing it with other tile patterns. Try our Calacatta Oro 12 for a simple yet classy approach to this style . With its simple veining and specks of gold, it’s just the right amount of lavishness without being too flashy. Pair it with gold shower accents for a bold look or with silver for a toned-down feel. Don’t be afraid to tile the ceiling too. As a result, you can keep out mold, caused by rising steam, from developing in the ceiling.   Light gray shower tile. If you want to hit on one of the sleekest interior design trends of 2019, try 3D marble tile. Imperial Wholesale’s Carrara White 3D tile will definitely make a statement in your shower with its triangular edges and mountain-like texture. With such a unique tile, it’s recommended that you pair it with flat tiles and utilize it for an accent wall. Consequently, too much texture can become overwhelming. Oversized grey shower tiles.

Rustic and Open Walk-In Shower

Nothings says “spa retreat” quite like a rustic and open walk-in shower. This type of shower design is memorable for sprawling sheets of natural stone and fixtures covered in pebble-like mosaics, which denote an earthly and relaxing setting. There are a wide variety of porcelain and ceramic tiles that have the coloring and texture of natural stone but with the sturdiness of shower tiles, like Imperial Wholesale’s Tulsa Beige. Its detailed texture and warm hues are certain to remind you of a rustic spa retreat.   Rustic looking shower tile. Another product, the Venetian Graphite Pebble tile creates the most luxurious spa flooring. Pebble tile, starting at $6.99 per square foot, provides a massaging texture for your feet. It pairs well with a Mediterranean style of décor. For an added bonus, decorate with wood beams and natural stone seating areas to create your own personal spa.   Stone shower tile.

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