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Sinks 101: Anything But Ordinary

Sinks are one item that a home cannot live without. Kitchens and bathrooms alike require sinks in order to be fully functional. While most homes come complete with a standard, base model sink, we offer decorative and usable sinks that can work in just about any style home. Copper , hand-carved and pedestal sinks . Yes, we offer all three, and not just one or two selections of each. Having a large selection is vital when designing, remodeling and redecorating a home , even when it comes to your kitchen sink !
  • Copper sinks are a popular choice for kitchens because they:
    • Are large, deep and spacious
    • Make a bold impact
    • Come in single and double bowl options
    • Compliment most décor styles 
  • Hand carved sinks can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms because they:
    • Are hand carved and add elegance to any room
    • Are unique statement pieces
    • Come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles 
  • Pedestal sinks are most often used in bathrooms because they:
    • Tend to be smaller than kitchen sinks
    • Lack necessary kitchen storage
    • Come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes
    • Can dress up any bathroom
No matter what type of sink you are looking for, whether a kitchen or bathroom sink , small or large, simple or detailed, Imperial Wholesale has a great selection and can help you find the perfect sink for your space.