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Stone Balusters: Are They Right for You?

Stone-Balusters_Are-They-Right-for-You- Stone Balusters: Are They Right for You?
Strength and luxury: those are two of the first things that pop into your head when you think about stone balusters.

While those two words certainly are something many would want their home to give off, they still might not be exactly what matches the interior or exterior design of your home. If you like the idea of stone balusters, but you aren’t sure if they will work out well in your home, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:
  1. What style is my home?
  2. What statement do I want my home to make?
  3. Where do I want them?
  4. How large should they be?

What style is my home?

Contemporary, colonial, modern, Mediterranean, classical, Tudor, Victorian, European—these are just a few of the hundreds of different style types your home can be. After figuring out your home’s style, the process of figuring out if stone balusters are a good fit will be easier.

  Functionally, balusters fit with any home, and are pleasing to the eyes. It’s just a matter of blending them with the style of your home. Balusters should enhance your home, but shouldn’t be jarring to the eye. For that reason, stone balusters may not be the right choice for a modern or contemporary home.

  Balusters work best in a European villa style home, where they add a taste of luxury. With this style, you can instantly feel like you are on a vacation in your favorite European country!

  If you do have a modern home and stone balusters are a must for you, don’t worry! With Imperial Elite, we can work with you to make something that’s one of a kind that’ll look beautiful in your home.

What statement do I want my home to make?

If you use stone balusters as part of your home’s entryway, they’ll affect your guests’ first impression of your home. What do you want your home to say?

  Stone balusters offer a sense of class. With stone balusters, you are making a statement of your wealth and social status. If this is something that you would like to flaunt or incorporate into your home, nothing else does a better job—expect maybe columns.

Where do I want them?

Inside or out, it doesn’t matter! Stone balusters can be used for interior or exterior designs.

  For the interior of your home, they’re incredible for creating dramatic staircases, accents around a fireplace, or as supports in a kitchen. The possibilities are endless. They’re also commonly used for staircase supports. Rather than a railing made from wood or iron, spindle-like balusters can be very regal and make your staircase into a functional work of art.

  Outside your home, balusters offer many options for landscaping and the facade. Balusters make a great entrance to your home. If you have a gate at the front of your driveway, adding balusters on either side can increase the curb appeal of your home. Even if you don’t have a gate, they can still be placed on either side of the driveway to serve as an entrance way.

  Moving up toward the front of your house, if you have a stairway that leads to the front door, just like the inside of your home, stone balusters create an elegant path to the doorway.

  For homes that are perched on higher ground, there is a great opportunity to create a terrace by sectioning off the land with a curved ledge of stone balusters. Landscape Advisor has a great example of this!

  Balusters can also make great support for plant holders. Adding a stone bowl on top of the baluster on either side of the ledge can bring out some greenery, and give your plants a home.

  Here in Arizona, we have even more opportunities for outdoor use. Since we’re able to use our outdoor space almost year-round, there’s no shame in spending a little extra time and money to make your backyard beautiful.

  Balusters make it easy to section off areas of your backyard. You can use them to create a border between the pool and the yard, or the yard and the patio. Sectioning off your backyard is a great way to landscape smaller yards to make them feel bigger.

  Adding a touch like this to whatever part of your home is possible can heighten the design of your home—making your guests say “Wow!”

Check out our article Balusters 101: An Introductory Guide for more ideas on where you can use balusters.

How large should they be?

With Imperial Elite, the design will be all yours, but the size of the stone balusters really matters. You don’t want them to be so gaudy that they take over your space, but you still want them to stand out. To find your ideal size for a baluster, you have to consider the height and width, but also how far you want the baluster to curve out and how thin the neck should be.

  Just looking at those elements, it already becomes a daunting decision to make. For a railing, it may be better to keep the design of the balusters on the thinner side. For outdoor use, it may be better to use larger balusters so they stand their ground and don’t look wimpy in comparison to your home.

Next steps

If you’re still not sure if stone balusters are right for you, no sweat. We made a fun quiz to help you! If the answer is yes, we would love to help you with your design project.

  Imperial Elite is available for all of your home upgrade needs and can help to make your design dreams come true! Simply tell our designers what you are looking for in your remodel, and we will make it come to life. Contact us today!