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Stone Balusters: Implementing this European Luxury in Your Home

Stone Balusters: Implementing this European Luxury in Your Home Stone Balusters: Implementing this European Luxury in Your Home
It’s been a long standing saying that beauty is often found in the smallest details. The color selection of stained glass, the last minute details that completed projects like the Eiffel Tower, these things are all beautiful and grand but wouldn’t achieve their superlative look without the beauty of their smallest details. These projects are just like your home. Perhaps you have a grand fountain on your driveway or a beautiful mosaic in your foyer, but none of these things could all come together so perfectly without the attention to even the tiniest details.

The color you chose to paint your walls, the art pieces you hang around your home and the quality of material you choose for home projects all play a part in contributing to the overall majesty of your home.

Perhaps you are looking to add a bit more detail to your house or are thinking of starting a new project. Undoubtedly, the goal with these projects is to make your home look even more beautiful than it was when you started. Instead of adding another piece of grand architecture or design, consider taking a more subtle approach that will enhance the overall serenity of a room or a specific area.

Stone balusters are the perfect way to add more detail to your home, while maintaining subtlety and class. Balusters are something that Imperial Elite has profound experience with and can consult you on exactly how you should incorporate them into your decor, without having it look gaudy.

What Are Balusters?

Some of you may be unfamiliar with what balusters are. Put simply, balusters are also known as spindles or stair sticks that act as mounted shafts which support railings of staircases or ledges. Most staircases have these hand-carved balusters and are most commonly made out of wood or metal. However, with Imperial Elite, your balusters are made with only the finest stone from around the world.

Even though balusters play their practical role of helping to maintain support, they do so in a way that adds artistry to a simple staircase or porch railing. Instead of having your front porch look like a DIY project, your stone balusters can look as grand as the columns of the Roman Coliseum.

What Are Balusters Used For?

As stated earlier, these balusters prove their functional purpose, but more often than not they are used to make a statement about one’s home. Since you have the option of hand-picking what type of stone you want your balusters crafted from, you are incorporating your own taste in décor into these simplistically beautiful additions.

Not only do you have the freedom of picking what exquisite material you want the balusters to be made from, but you can also decide how you want the balusters to be sculpted. You can choose something small and tasteful, or you can create your balusters to make a grand statement for anyone who comes into your home. The beauty of choosing Imperial Elite for your projects is that whatever dream you can envision for your home, we can help you achieve it.

Are There Different Types of Balusters?

There are several different types of balusters that we have previously touched on. Balusters can be used both inside and outside the home and can be used for items like staircases, porch railings or fences. Other ways you can add variety to these items is by choosing what material you want them to be carved from as well as what type of form you want the balusters to take once they are designed. If you want the staircase that leads to your front door to mimic a Parisian Chateau or a tropical mansion, Imperial Elite has the tools and the artistry to achieve your desired look.

Because Imperial Elite takes the time to travel the world and pick the exact stone that will be used in your next home project, we can guarantee that when your project is complete, you won’t just feel satisfactory, instead you will feel like your home has been transported to some of the most beautiful places around the world; and you may never want to leave!

Where Can I Put Balusters in My Home?

Even though the primary locations to implement balusters into your home are on staircases and porch enclosures, you can put these beautiful works of art wherever you please. If you want to build a terrace off of your bedroom, balusters could work as a perfect addition. If you want to put a gate in front of your driveway, balusters could easily fit into that design as well.

Balusters have often been a sign of class and affluence, so wherever you feel you want to make that statement in your home, we will attempt to make your visions come to fruition. Truly, whatever you can envision for your home, Imperial Elite can build it for you.

How Can Balusters Make My Home Look More Elegant?

Stone balusters can immediately enhance the artistry of your home. Considering that these pieces of architecture have been used at some of the most beautiful and historical landmarks of the world, it is no wonder why they can instantly enhance the beauty of your home.

In general, balusters convey a very luxurious, European vibe, and who wouldn’t want to make their home feel like a luxurious European villa? Instead of having to escape across the world to get a dose of culture and beauty, you can simply walk out your front door.

With how simple this upgrade can be for your home, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t consider implementing this European beauty into your home.

Imperial Elite is available for all of your home upgrade needs and can help to make your design dreams come true! Simply tell our designers what you are looking for in your remodel, and we will make it come to life. Contact us today!