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The Design Tool

Imperial Wholesale Design Tool It can be hard to envision the kitchen of your dreams, with the perfect cabinets, countertops, and floor tile, all screaming “Welcome Home!” At Imperial Wholesale, we offer a wide range of flooring, countertop styles and more, which is essential when finding the flawless look your kitchen longs for. Designing the kitchen you have always wanted is a change that requires preparation, time, and money, so there is not much room for last minute changes.

To help make this entire process easier, Imperial Wholesale offers a handy feature called, The Design Tool. Thanks to this tool, you can search through a variety of possible features to accentuate your kitchen, and the best part? You don’t have to spend a dime!

Don’t hope that a backsplash meshes well with your granite countertops when you can visualize the space before installation, using the design tool. The design tool makes remodeling easy. Whether you are looking for a way to visualize the design you want or discovering a new design you didn’t think to give a try, the design tool can help. Once you determine all the features that would make your kitchen a perfect place, you are one click away from saving and printing your design to take along on your next visit to Imperial Wholesale.


Kitchen Style

The first step in designing your kitchen is choosing your kitchen style. The tool begins with four different styles to help reference the kitchen most similar to yours at home, or one you might discover you love. Whether you want a traditional, contemporary, or modern home, the tool does a great job offering a reference for all. Remodeling a kitchen is a change that builds home equity and improves your overall home value. After choosing the kitchen style that you prefer, it’s time to start adding some color!

Cabinet Color

The correct cabinet color can provide any size kitchen a space with character and comfort. This is one of the most distinguished visuals a person sees when walking into a kitchen. While the type of design a cabinet may have is what seems to separate a custom design from a manufactured product, the color is just as important. You can save money by choosing the perfect paint color, giving any cabinet a custom look and taking a few hours of your time. This is exactly why the design tool provides you with so many choices for a look that is made just for you.

Bright colors

Brighter kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for kitchens because they make smaller kitchens appear bigger and provide additional light to the space. Brighter colored kitchens are commonly found in traditional and contemporary homes. Lighter colors increase the appearance of your kitchen, making the kitchen appear bigger in size. Bright cabinet colors are a great way to highlight additional colors you place throughout your kitchen.

Dark Colors

Darker colored kitchen cabinets are most popular in modern styled kitchens, giving this room a strong presence throughout the household. Dark colored cabinets are bold, and will stand out more than other lighter rooms throughout your household will. Using contrasting colors in the kitchen easily grabs the attention of guests upon entering the room. A darker colored kitchen leaves a lot of room for creativity and diminishes any boundaries a brighter kitchen may have. Darker kitchens leave room for updates or changes you might want to make later on. Accent colors really pop with darker cabinets and give your kitchen space a unique look and feel.


Countertops are an important aspect in any kitchen and connect all the features from start to finish. A countertop can bring a lot to the table in terms of design aesthetics, including color, boldness and a unique sense of texture. . Begin with imagining what accessories will be placed on top of the counters and visualize what design will fit best. Your counters will go through scratches, stains, and abrasive cleaners throughout the years, so it is important to consider the countertop material before jumping in and choosing your preferred colors.

Natural Stone

Natural stone offers a wider color selection than most countertops, and delivers a consistent look throughout the kitchen. This type of counter is commonly found in homes and is more affordable than some other countertop materials. Along with the variety of colors this stone offers, the edges can be hand crafted to make the smaller details more apparent. The product is offered in solid natural colors and a mix of colors with various textures. Natural stone countertops are susceptible to scratches and stains if they are not properly maintained, but besides that, require very little maintenance and can handle common cleaners. Unlike countertops such as laminate, natural stone is heat-resistant and does not accumulate mold or bacteria. This helps avoid the spread of germs that first begin in the kitchen. If you’re looking for a way to deliver a constant look for your kitchen in a more affordable price than other countertops, picking a natural stone for your countertop is just what you need.


This type of countertop is considered fairly new to kitchens, but is quickly becoming a favorite for homeowners. Quartz is a very attractive stone for homeowners and comes in a wide range of colors to help match with your kitchen. The color found in Quartz provides any kitchen with a rich color, adding a sense of luxury to the space. Quartz is also known for its durability and long lifespan in the kitchen. There is no need to worry about chipping or cracking due to its strong durability. This lavish stone is also nonabsorbent, leaving spilled liquids and possible staining easy to clean. While it avoids sources of staining, it also doesn’t draw in moisture from raw or leftover food. If you want a countertop requiring low-maintenance with an upscale look, finding the perfect color of Quartz is definitely worth considering.


While your kitchen backsplash serves as a way to avoid the mess and food splatter that comes along with any kitchen, it also serves as a way to give your kitchen some visual appeal. A backsplash with bold patterns and colors is a way to give the space a personality of its own.  If your kitchen currently involves textures and patterns, installing a simpler solid colored backsplash can help accentuate your countertops and cabinets. At Imperial Wholesale, we give you the option to choose from glass, metal, travertine and more options to help build a backslash just for you. With the colorful tile options, you can differ the amount of texture by incorporating more colors into your backsplash. A metal backsplash is another way to maintain a modern feel while giving your kitchen a great sense of style. Under the “backsplash” section, the design tool offers the option to use your countertop for your kitchen backsplash. The option is a great finishing touch for a sharp, uniformed appearance.

Imperial Wholesale makes redesigning your kitchen easier than ever before with the design tool. With a few simple clicks you can create a custom kitchen just for you, giving you the motivation you need to get started!