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Top 3 Flooring Materials for a Nursery

Transforming that extra bedroom or small office into a nursery? You have probably picked out a color scheme; pink, blue or neutral. You may have the crib purchased and the changing table ready to be built, but what about the biggest decision for the space? That’s right, the flooring. Choosing flooring for most spaces is easy as you can simply base your sole decision off of aesthetics or price. Choosing the flooring for a nursery requires a bit more thought as it has to meet a long list of requirements.

Nursery Flooring Requirements

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe for children
  • Anti-slip
  • Matches style of home
Now it’s time to begin sorting through the various materials and products that match the very strict criteria for nursery room flooring. Not all products fit the bill. In fact, most won’t cut it. When it comes to your baby, safety and convenience are everything so if it isn’t perfect, don’t bother! Before we get into what flooring options will work, let’s eliminate those that won’t.

What Won’t Work

We suggest avoiding tiled floor for a few reasons. Firstly, most tiles are extremely hard, making them dangerous to fall on, and easy to slip on. Secondly, floor tiles made up of a natural stone may be porous. Porous flooring in a nursery is bad for a number of reasons, most of which deal with spills. Anything spilt into a porous floor tile will be tricky to clean up. It’s best (in our opinion) to avoid floor tiles in nurseries.

What Will Work

Hardwood, laminate and carpet flooring are our top three flooring recommendations for nurseries. While hardwood and laminate are easier to clean, carpet is much softer and less slippery to walk on. Carpet is great for babies as they first start to crawl and work into walking. Hardwood is a softer material than laminate, but laminate is even easier to clean than hardwood is. If you are torn between carpet and laminate, we like to suggest going with laminate and topping the floor with an easy to clean area rug. This allows you to get the best of both worlds. Something that looks great, is easy to clean, safe for the baby and safe for the parents.

All in all, flooring your nursery requires a bit of thought. There are lots of things to consider and keep in mind when choosing the exact material to put down on your floors. If safety, convenience, maintenance and looks are important to you, we recommend laminate, carpet or hardwood flooring, in that order.