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Trend Alert: 5 Trends You Need in Your Home

Trend Alert: 5 Trends You Need in Your Home Trend Alert: 5 Trends You Need in Your Home
Interior and exterior designs are always changing—and for a good reason. Could you image if your home still had that same groovy colored, shaggy carpet from the 70s? Or what if you still had layers upon layers of ancient wallpaper in your bathroom?

Because of old trends like these, you should be glad the homeowner’s market is continuously propelling forward onto new designs, trends, and fads. New trends keep your home from looking old and outdated. At Imperial Wholesale, we’ll be your personal resource for all upcoming and current trends that are making a big impact on interior and exterior décor.

And right now, the top five trends we see in the market include:
  1. Industrial farmhouse style
  2. Wood that looks good everywhere
  3. Green, green, and more green
  4. Out-of-the-box flooring
  5. Metals that mix
Implementing these five trends will help keep your living space fresh and increase the value of your home. With benefits like these, what’s not to love? Let’s get started.

1. Industrial farmhouse style

Industrial farmhouse style is where rustic meets modern. And right now, it’s taking the homeowner’s industry by storm. If you haven’t implemented this trend within your home, it’s time to make a change.

Regardless of how intricate incorporating an industrial farmhouse style looks on your favorite Pinterest board, this trend is actually fairly simple to put to use. In fact, combining different, yet contemporary styles is one of the oldest tricks in the decorating book.

To perfect an industrial farmhouse style in your home, some deigns we recommend incorporating include:
  • Stainless-steel appliances
  • Old farmhouse table
  • Bench seating
  • Industrial pennant lighting
  • Modern sofa
  • Repurposed coffee table
At first glance, these decorating items may seem farfetched. Before this trend came about, you most likely never dreamed of putting your rustic and vintage-looking pieces in the same room as your sleek and modern décor. But trust us, this trend works. And it’s here to stay.

2. Wood that looks good everywhere

Hardwood isn’t just for your floors anymore. A new trend surfacing the homeowner’s industry is all about putting a creative spin on wood. This trend is about implementing wood in just about any room (and any area) of your home.

Some of our favorite takes on this trend include:
  • Wood beams
  • Wall décor
  • Barn-inspired doors

Wood beams

Wood beams is one of our favorite projects you can take on with this trend. Supporting the structure of your home, wood beams can elongate just about any room.

For this trend, we recommend installing roof wood beams in large, common areas, such as your kitchen or living room. Installing wood beams in larger areas helps this trend make a big statement in your home.

Wall décor

Another great way to use wood in your home is to install it on your walls. And one of the most popular location to do this is behind your bed.

Putting in wood behind your bed will give your room a unique and modern feel. Plus, this location is great because the wooden wall doubles as a custom headboard. For this project, we recommend installing porcelain-wood tile. The wood look-alike tile is simple to install and easy to maintain.

If you’re ready to get started with this trend, browse through some of our favorite wood tile collections, including the Mukali Collection and the Deck Collection.

Barn inspired doors

The last project we recommend for this trend is to install barn-inspired doors. This project is the perfect opportunity to add a splash of wood within your home while making a big statement. For inspiration, be sure to check out Remodelaholic’s post that showcases 35 DIY barn doors.

3. Green, green, and more green

The next big trend on the market is about bringing the outside in. This trend is about adding a splash of green in your rooms and giving your home a much needed, natural ambiance.

Right now, one of the best ways to perfect this trend is by incorporating succulents into your home. Founded in Arizona, our team at Imperial Wholesale is especially excited about incorporating one of our native plants into interior design—and you should too. Check out this dreamy inspiration board to see just how good this trend could look in your home.

4. Out-of-the-box flooring

Another big trend on the market right now is out-of-the-box flooring. Gone are the days where simple tiles made a statement. Instead, unique and original floors are the way to go. Some of our favorite out-of-the-box flooring includes:
  • Hexagon tile
  • Herringbone installation
  • Gray hardwood

Hexagon tiles

Hexagon tiles are a new take on the classic subway tile look. They’re unique but still embody a natural and classic feel you’ll want in your home. When installing this type of tile, we recommend incorporating it in your kitchen or bathroom as this design typically works well in both those rooms.

Herringbone installation

Herringbone is a technique used to create a chevron design within your flooring or backsplash. This trend is perfect for keeping your home fresh and up-to-date.

For a big statement, we suggest using the herringbone technique when installing your flooring. However, if you’re looking to make a smaller statement, try incorporating this design into your kitchen backsplashes or as an accent tile in your shower.

Gray hardwood

Gray hardwood is another flooring design that’s making a big impact. And although this flooring doesn’t seem as out-of-the-box when compared to our other examples, gray is certainly not a traditional option.

Gray hardwood suggests a calm, modern, and minimalistic environment when implemented correctly. It uses clean lines to captivate your guests. Plus, gray hardwood finally gives you the perfect opportunity to add more color within the rest of your home décor. Pink couch, anyone?

5. Metals that mix

Pulling inspiration from the farmhouse industrial style, this trend implies that not everything in your home has to match—including your metals. Mixing your metals allows you to create an ambiance within your home that looks effortlessly cool, as if it was just thrown together.

To ensure you’re using this trend the right way, we have two rules that are important to stick to:
  • Separating metals by categories
  • Separating metals by height

Separating metals by categories

Separating your metal accents by categories balances out a room. Take your kitchen as an example. When incorporating multiple metals, try separating the room into functional items and decorative items. Your functional items such as your dishwasher, sink, and cabinet pulls should remain one metal finish; while your decorative items like an eye catching light pennant or vase should remain a different metal finish.

Separating metals by height

In addition to separating your metals by categories, it’s also good practice to separate your metals by height. For example, in your living room, try to choose one metal finish for items low to the ground like your coffee table, and another finish for items higher up like a decorative mirror above your fireplace. Separating metals by height allows enough separation so the eye doesn’t get overwhelmed and the room doesn’t look too crowded.

So go ahead and break the tradition rules. Mix your brass, copper, gold, and silver all in one room. We dare ya.

It’s time to make a change

Don’t be the last home on the block to still have retro shaggy carpets or layered wallpaper. Let our team at Imperial Wholesale take care of you. For more information on how to implement these trends into your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.