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Trending Home Décor: Wood Pallets

Trending Home Decor: Wood Pallets Trending Home Decor: Wood Pallets
There are always new trends and crazes in the world of interior home décor. People find new items to repurpose in a hundred different ways and, before you know it, every home on the block is incorporating the latest trend into their home.

The name of the home décor game right now is shabby chic and with everyone finding DIY (do it yourself) projects that take recycled items and repurpose them into beautiful décor, it’s difficult to refute both the fiscal and environmental benefits of this trend.

One of the biggest staples in the shabby chic home décor trend is the use of wood pallets. Every time you log onto Pinterest or see someone posting about a DIY project they did in their home, the majority of the time it includes wood pallets.

With how inexpensive and plentiful wood pallets are, it’s no wonder why so many people are hopping on the bandwagon! They are easy to find and cleanup, and the ways to use them throughout your home are endless.

If you are thinking of incorporating wood pallets into your home, we are happy to show you the ropes of not only choosing the right way to utilize them, but also how to choose pallets that are safe and sturdy for your home.

In this article, we will give you all the details you need on wood pallets. These details include:
• Picking the right pallets
• How to use them for interior décor
• Painting or staining your pallets

Picking the Right Pallet

Even though it may be tempting to grab a few wood pallets that someone threw out on the curb, there are a few precautionary steps you should take when picking pallets to use. After all, this item is going in your home and may be used as a table you eat on or a bed frame that you sleep on. The more caution you take when choosing them, the better!

Some of the main items you want to look for when choosing wood pallets include:
• Find out what is was originally used for
• Check for termites
• Check for NPPO standards

Know What is was Used for

Even though this aspect of picking a pallet might seem trivial, it’s good to know whether the pallets you have chosen were used to ship something as hazardous as chemicals or as harmless as fruit. Considering that pallets are used to carry items in transit, a pallet used to ship chemicals could have spillage on it that may lead to problems down the road.

The ideal type of pallet that you would want to get is one that was delivering dry goods. Not only does this ensure that nothing questionable was on these pallets, but it is also beneficial in that your pallet will be less worn down because it was carrying a lighter load than if it were carrying buckets of paint.

Even though this can be difficult information to find out, the more you know about your pallet, the better off your DIY project will be!

Check for Termites

There would be nothing worse than creating a bed frame out of wood pallets, only to realize that the pallets you chose were infested with termites. Before picking up a pallet and taking it home, it is best to check for any wood piles to see if termites have been making their home in your future DIY project.

Check for NPPO Standards

The National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) has made regulations that companies need to abide by when creating wood pallets. These standards require that pallets are treated with either a heat or specialized chemicals to ensure that they are clean and safe for use.

Most pallets that abide by these standards will have stamping on them that indicates they have been treated with chemicals or heat. This small indicator can yield great benefits for you by helping you to avoid bringing any unknown hazardous materials into your home.

Ideas for Interior Décor

There are countless ways you can incorporate wood pallets in your home décor! Anything from storage, to wall art, to tables can be made from these nifty items and can add a unique, rustic feel to your home. Additionally, you get a feeling of pride knowing that something in your home was made by your own two hands!

Some of the home décor ideas we will go over include:
• Coffee tables
• Bed frames
• Headboards

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a central point of décor in any room. They can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, but if you go to a home décor store, you can end up paying a small fortune. Wood pallet coffee tables are a great compromise when you want an eye catching piece in your living room but don’t want to break the bank.

Wood pallet coffee tables can be something as easy as two pallets stacked on top of each other, or something more complex that requires cutting and painting. Whatever you choose for your home, there are an unlimited amount of options for this piece of furniture.

Bed Frames

One of the biggest trends in shabby chic décor is taking a simpler route for bed frames than most people have traditionally done. In a lot of homes, you will see big, elaborate bed frames that are made out of cherry woods that have high posts and wood carvings.

Instead of spending a large sum of money on something as fancy as that, take a different approach on your bed frame by using wood pallets. This simple DIY project is a really great way to add a rustic feel to your bedroom in the most inexpensive way possible.

Once again, this can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. You can simply stack a few pallets on top of one another or you can take it a step further by incorporating something like storage bins.


There are so many different ways to create fun and unique DIY headboards. Anything from fabric to metal and, of course, wood pallets. This decorative idea is another simple way to add a design focal point to your room without going overboard.

The simplest option for this project is to prop the pallets up against your wall and voilà (we recommend using a nail gun or hammer and nails to attach each pallet to the wall), you’re done! However, you can take a few extra steps to really make this project stand out.

One option is to dislocate the flat pieces of wood on top of the pallet from the rest of the board. You can either nail each of these to the wall, or create one single wooden piece by nailing the flat wooden boards to a frame and then prop that against the wall.

Want to take things another step further? Once you have your headboard ready to go against the wall, why not add a coat of paint to it? By adding a bright or bold color, you can take your wooden headboard to the next level and give your bedroom and true focal feature.

Regardless of what you choose, one thing is for sure: there are hundreds of ways to do this project and one of them will be bound to get the look you are going for in your bedroom!

Painting or Staining Your Pallets

Once you have decided what you want to do with your pallets and how you want to incorporate them into your home, why not give them a little extra flair by painting or staining them? This step of the pallet process comes with just as many options as the previous steps do.

You can stain or paint your wood pallets a simple color, or try and make them stand out by incorporating a unique painting technique or by making the wood look aged and distressed. This is the part of the décor process where you really get to make this project your own, so take the time to pick the right option and paint away!

Endless Options

If there is one thing you have taken away from this article, we hope it’s that there are countless ways to repurpose wood pallets for your home décor. If you are on a budget and want to make a few simple upgrades to your home, this is certainly the way to go.

Different ideas for DIY wood pallet projects are everywhere and they usually only take up a small portion of your time. What we have discussed in this article only grazes the options you have for your home, so be sure to do some research to find what works perfectly for you! Be sure to see what options Imperial offers for your home décor as we have products that will fit all design trends and price range!