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How to Turn Your Backyard into a Winter Wonderland

How to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland How to Turn Your Backyard into a Winter Wonderland
The presents are wrapped, the kitchen smells like your favorite winter treats, and the holiday radio stations are making their annual comeback. Regardless of what holiday your family celebrates, one thing always seems to be missing in December here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Winter wonderlands are in every holiday song you can think of. Melodies of snow, warm fires, and Jack Frost nipping at your nose can sometimes make us envious of those who get the full winter experience. Instead of relocating to an area that has this type of winter (that usually lasts much longer than the holiday season) why not make the winter wonderland come to you?

There are plenty of ways that you can transform your very own backyard into the winter wonderland Nat King Cole and Mariah Carey rave about year after year. With either a few simple pieces, or a decadent winter blowout, your backyard has the potential to transport you and your family to the North Pole.

What’s Your Winter Wonderland?

Everyone has their own interpretation of what a winter wonderland looks like to them. It could be a classy and sophisticated work of art or it could be a fun and playful take on Santa’s workshop!

Depending on who your audience is for this holiday season, we have all the right tools to help you make this transition happen. We will walk you through two fun and simple ways to make your holiday season even brighter!

Read on to learn how to make your backyard into a winter scene that is classy and sophisticated or a scene from the North Pole!

Classy and Sophisticated

For those of you who like to take a more mature approach to your holiday celebrations, a classy and sophisticated winter scene is the perfect option for you! By incorporating a few pieces from your favorite classic holiday songs, you can create the perfect combination that will make your holiday party be the party of the year.

You will need:

1. Artificial snow
2. Christmas lights
3. Bonfire/fireplace
4. Garland
5. The perfect holiday soundtrack

Like any project that you take on for your home, you have the freedom to pick and choose as you please. Some people like to go all out while others like to take their holiday cheer in strides. Whatever your preference is, incorporating a few of these items into your backyard will transform it instantly!

Start by getting the most essential piece for making a winter wonderland: snow! Since we don’t have the real stuff here in Phoenix, we have to create it with artificial snow. This piece of your winter wonderland is simple to find and inexpensive to purchase. With artificial snow, you have the choice of going all out and layering your yard from head to toe in snow, or you can tastefully place it in a few areas of your yard.

The next two pieces are pretty vital to any holiday-themed decoration regardless of where you live. Christmas lights and a bonfire or fireplace both set the scene for a sophisticated holiday party.

Christmas lights are another easy find that won’t hurt your wallet too much. Most people who are going for the classy look would recommend the simple white lights. However, the decision is all yours! Wrap your trees up along with any posts or banisters you may have in your yard. This step alone will remodel your backyard beautifully.

If you don’t already have an outdoor fireplace, fire pits are a relatively inexpensive purchase that you can use for a holiday party and many other occasions. There are simple options available as well as more intricate designs that can really give your party that upscale feeling.

The finishing touches for this holiday celebration are also easy finds but are able to take the transformation to any entirely different level! Garland is a holiday classic that many people have forgotten to include in their décor in recent years. It is a simple piece that can take a desert scene, such as your backyard, and turn it into the winter wonderland you desire!

Last but not least, be sure to have the perfect holiday playlist ready to go! There is no shortage of songs that would fit a refined holiday celebration perfectly, so be sure to load up your iPod with tunes like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “Sweet Silver Bells”.

North Pole

If your holiday party will consist of family members and children, there’s no argument that a southwest take on the North Pole will be a fan favorite. With snowmen, elves, candy canes and Santa’s workshop all in one place, it will be the holiday family event of the season!

You will need:

1. Artificial snow
2. Festive inflatables
3. Christmas lights
4. Snow machine

Once again, you have the chance to make this winter wonderland into whatever your heart desires! Any combination of the above items will be sure to make for a fun and festive holiday party.

Regardless of what type of winter wonderland you choose, artificial snow is always a must. Even though we love our beautiful desert scenery here in Arizona, it’s nice to give your yard a quick makeover to make you feel like you have been transported straight to the North Pole!

One bit of extra fun you can add into your party that will be a hit with the kiddos is a snow machine. Even though this sounds like it would be a major expense, there are plenty of affordable options out there that would work perfectly for a small-scale snow scene. Also, if you love to DIY, there are easy ways to make your very own snow machine at home! There’s nothing that kids and families love more than getting to play in the snow, without the hassle of freezing temperatures.

Another great way to make the kids happy is to decorate your yard with a few fun inflatable holiday decorations. Anything from Santa Claus, to Snoopy, to the Grinch can be found online or in stores and can really make your backyard look like a scene straight out of the North Pole!

The final touch for this Santa’s workshop décor is the addition of Christmas lights. With all the other pieces of décor you have implemented, these lights can be selectively hung up as the finishing touch of a beautiful transformation. Anything from classic white lights to fun colorful lights will fit perfectly with this scene and leave everyone thinking that they are no longer in Arizona, but in the perfect winter wonderland.