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Update your Kitchen Backsplash

Beautiful Wood Look Kitchen Backsplash  

Where to Use Backsplash Tiles

The kitchen is where most families start and end their day. Updating the look of your kitchen with a kitchen backsplash is an affordable way to add value and style to the heart and soul of your home. At Imperial Wholesale, we have a wide variety of kitchen backsplash tiles for every lifestyle and budget. In fact, you might find it hard to pick just one. When you stop by our showroom, we'll help you find the perfect tile to bring out the character of your kitchen. Let's take a look at some of our most sought-after styles to help you get you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

Wood Look

If you follow backsplash tile trends, wood look tile backsplash is one you're looking at. Wood-look backsplash tiles are in high demand for their versatility, resistance to moisture, ease of maintenance, and durability. Wood look tile will make your kitchen more inviting while maintaining the overall aesthetic of your home. Wood look tiles come in a variety of styles ranging from industrial distressed to timeless elegance. They are especially great at tying together traditional themes and a contemporary/modern aesthetic. These tiles look great in farm style homes or even mid-century modern. Since the colors and patterns are endless, your imagination is your only limit. Wood look tile is a great way to add a little splash of natural color to a white kitchen. They are also incredibly durable. Wood look tiles are 100% waterproof, scratch/scuff resistant, stain resistant, and to top it off, they are great insulators making them the perfect fit to any room. At Imperial Wholesale we have over 50 different wood-look tiles to choose from, starting at $1.99. After you update your kitchen backsplash, you might consider backsplash wall tile in your bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere you want to add some wow factor in your home. For more information on wood look tile click here, and here to take a look at our massive collection!  

Types of Backsplash

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most common backsplashes, the most popular style being subway tiles. With an aesthetic that is both classic and modern, the simplistic design and an easy-to-clean, durable surface will reflect light to brighten your kitchen, while adding a nice subtle flair. Porcelain or ceramic tiles can be as simple as a white subway tile backsplash or you can spruce it up with some ornate designs like Moroccan tile. It is important to note that porcelain is more durable than ceramic (here is more information on porcelain v. ceramic).  

Careful D.I.Y.'ers

Another important factor is that tiling a backsplash is only for the veteran D.I.Y.’ers, this is due to how easy it can be to accidentally place a crooked tile and once you notice it, it will be all you notice. At Imperial Wholesale we also offer installation, so you can put your mind at ease. The possibilities with these tiles are literally endless. A rising trend we love is the herringbone pattern for ceramic or porcelain tiles but can also be done with natural stone or wood look planks. If you want to spice up your kitchen a little, but don’t want to get too carried away, this is a great choice. When you choose the right backsplash, your kitchen can be transformed. The uniqueness of certain backsplash materials can change the atmosphere in the kitchen too. For example, a metal backsplash can create an industrial effect perfect for a modern kitchen. For those who take their cooking seriously and want that industrial and professional kitchen look without sacrificing the at-home feeling, Imperial Wholesale has the perfect stainless-steel tiles and metallic tiles to achieve this look.   Imperial Wholesale Subway Tile  

Natural Stone Backsplash

Natural stone is a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes. Because of its extreme toughness and resistance to high-heat, granite and travertine are perfect for use on backsplashes. Natural stone can be a muse for almost any style, from old-world, contemporary, and everything in between. Natural stone is a huge category including granite slabs, marble slabs, travertine, pebble, brick, limestone, onyx, quartzites-sandstone, and slate. One of the hottest trends right now is natural stone slabs, whether they’re granite or marble, they always look amazing and really give the kitchen a sleek and seamless look. Slabs of natural stones look good pretty much anywhere in your home and will dramatically makeover your kitchen with a natural stone slab backsplash. We've had many customers tell us how their guests are stunned when they see their new stone slab backsplash and how much the granite or marble elevated their kitchen. We highly recommend professional installation for your backsplash slab. Natural stone slabs are very heavy, if not set correctly there is a potential for cracking. Professional sealing for granite and marble slabs is equally important. If sealing isn't done correctly it may ruin the slab.   Imperial Wholesale Mosaic Hexagonal Kitchen Backsplash Tile  

Mosaic Backsplash

Add a focal point to your kitchen with a centerpiece mosaic. These mosaics are usually made up of glass or ceramic tiles and really draw the attention to a specific point in the kitchen. This is a perfect way to add a work of art to your kitchen that guests will enjoy every time they visit. Mosaics are usually paired and surrounded by a simple ceramic tile. Mosaic's make great D.I.Y. projects, create a unique custom creation for your home that matches your personality and budget. This personal touch is a great conversation starter and will be the talking point of your kitchen. There are tons of options out there for backsplash mosaics depending on your style such as paintings, patterns, abstract glass pieces or really anything you want. We have a lot of mosaic's on display at the Mesa Imperial Wholesale showroom.   Imperial Wholesale Red Brick Looking Backsplash Tile If a single focal point isn’t your style, the entire kitchen backsplash can be a mosaic, or do both, a centerpiece with mosaic tiles throughout the backsplash. These mosaic pieces will add a ton of personality throughout your entire kitchen. We found this awesome in-depth guide to a D.I.Y. for mosaic tiling that might help you get started.   Imperial Wholesale Beautiful Polished Blue Backsplash Tile  

Trend Alert!

We are seeing a lot of accent walls and ceiling level backsplashes. Accent walls are a great alternative to mosaics. They, like mosaics, are paired with simple ceramic tiles but will draw the attention of your guests to the entire wall. Accent walls are great for any home style, we recommend a textured natural stone for accent walls because it will create an illusion and make a smaller room appear larger. Another way to trick the brain into seeing the room larger than reality is ceiling height backsplash. This is simply just continuing the backsplash all the way to the ceiling to give off the appearance of vaulted ceilings. The amazing thing about ceiling height backsplashes is that they can be done with nearly any backsplash in any room. Just add extra tile to your order and tile up. If you're looking for a kitchen design update that's quick and budget-friendly, consider adding backsplash tile to your kitchen. Imperial Wholesale has a wide variety of styles to create a unique look that will add enjoyment to your home for years to come and add value to your home if you're putting it on the market. Take the first step towards your dream kitchen by coming down to our showroom in Mesa to get up-close and personal with your soon-to-be backsplash!