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Ways to Save Water at Home this Summer

Ways to Save Water at Home this Summer Ways to Save Water at Home this Summer
Summer is starting to creep up on us here in Arizona, with only a short time left before we reach those scorching triple digit temperatures. Even though it is already a full time job trying to keep yourself healthy and hydrated during the summer months, you can’t allow yourself to neglect other aspects of your home that need just as much care and attention during this time as you do.

Your lawn can take a beating during the summer months if not properly cared for. With how dry and hot the weather is on a daily basis, it’s no wonder why so much harm can be done to your grass, trees, and plants if you aren’t taking care of them.

Just like your body, it is important to nourish and hydrate your lawn when it is constantly being subjected to scorching heat. Many Arizonans dread getting their water bill during this time of the year because they believe so much water is needed to keep their grass and plants alive. However, we are here to help you keep your lawn looking healthy and nourished without having to spend a fortune on your water bill each month.

There are special tips and tricks you can implement that will help conserve water as well as conserve money.

These tips include:

• Water only when necessary
• Deep soak your lawn
• Position sprinklers properly
• Consider artificial grass

Regardless of which tips you choose to implement for your lawn this summer, they will certainly assist you in your lawn care needs this season. Who knew saving water and money could be so simple?

Water Only When Necessary

It’s easy to go overboard on watering your lawn during the hot Arizona summers. Naturally, when it’s the third day in a row of 110+ temperatures you automatically assume that your lawn is dying of thirst, causing you to get out the sprinklers more often than you need to.

Even though it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact sprinkler schedule to keep your lawn healthy, there is a rule of thumb that can help you to keep from over watering. The most important thing when watering your lawn is to ensure that the water is sinking deep down into the roots. Making sure your grass is watered about 10 inches deep is the best way to ensure your lawn will be healthy. A good way to measure this is by using a soil probe or a screw driver that is long enough. If you can insert these tools into the soil without a problem, you have successfully watered your lawn!

Since you made a point to water your lawn so deeply, you can go a few days to a week without having to re-water.

Deep Soak Your Lawn

To further reiterate the point from the previous paragraph, we want to help you understand exactly why deep soaking your lawn will be far more successful than lightly sprinkling your lawn multiple times a week.

When you lightly water your lawn, you are only watering the top portion of your grass, which will quickly evaporate in such extreme temperatures. Ensuring that the roots are adequately watered is the most important thing to do. You can accomplish this by watering your lawn for a few hours at a time. This will leave the entire ground feeling very wet, nourishing the roots below the surface.

The optimal time to deep soak your lawn is before sunrise, so be sure to set up your sprinklers to do their magic during the proper time frame.

How can I save water at home? How can I save water at home?

Position Sprinklers Properly

A quick way to reduce the amount of water you are using on your lawn during the summer is by positioning your sprinklers so they are watering the correct areas. A lot of people will accidentally leave their sprinklers in an area where it will be watering the concrete, the pool or your gutters.

By strategically placing your sprinklers in the proper areas, you are ensuring that all of the water being used is going to the correct source. So before you water your lawn next time, be sure that you map out the proper areas to set your sprinklers. Such an easy fix could save you countless dollars on your next water bill!

Consider Artificial Grass

Even though the previous tips can help you save some money here and there, the best way to save water in your yard this summer is by eliminating the need for it entirely. Artificial grass is an option that is more tangible than ever for homeowners. It is quick and easy to install and the prices are more affordable than you would think.

Even though the upfront cost for artificial grass may be more than you are looking to invest, simply think about how much money you will save on your lawn each year. The average family of four consumes 146,000 gallons of water each year. If you were to switch to artificial grass, you could eliminate up to 90,000 gallons of that number.

Many people can be a bit skeptical when considering artificial grass. They think it will look fake and feel like a plastic floor mat in their yard. However, anyone who has ever seen artificial grass in person knows that the results are just the opposite. Artificial grass looks no different than normal grass, in fact, it probably only looks better! Artificial grass looks like perfectly cut, lush green grass. Why wouldn’t someone want that for their yard?

Additionally, the feel of artificial grass is not coarse or fake. It feels like the soft, fluffy grass you have always wanted for your yard. Considering that there is no watering, fertilizing, mowing, trimming, or upkeep of any kind required, there is really no reason not to consider this option.

Imperial Wholesale has the perfect artificial grass you have been looking for, so be sure to come by our two locations or give us a call to find out more about this earth-saving investment you can make for your home this summer!