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What Countertop is Right for My Home's Style?

What Countertop Is Right for My Home's Style? What Countertop Is Right for My Home's Style?
With so many countertop materials, colors and patterns to choose from, how can you tell which countertops work with your home's current style? It can be tricky. Black granite may look modern at first glance, but who’s to say that it won’t work well in a traditional style home as well?

Let us walk you through the different types of countertops, as well as the most popular home styles for 2014 so that we can help guide you in the right direction.

At Imperial Wholesale, we supply granite, onyx and prefabricated countertops. Granite and prefabricated both come in large selections with various colors and patterns to choose from. Onyx is a bit more rare, meaning the choices we have are sometimes more limited than those of prefab and granite.

That being said, material should not influence the style of your home, and the style of your home should not influence the material. You should choose the material based on your preferences, not style, because just about every countertop material will come in options that will work for you home's style.

Now let’s get into how different countertops work with different home styles.

If you have a classic and traditional style home--such as something with hardwood floors throughout, crown molding, and plenty of detail--we suggest a white or light grey countertop. The simplicity and elegance of a white countertop will definitely complement the rest of your home's details. Whether you choose granite or something prefabricated is up to you.

Living in a more modern home? Think crisp and bold. This can be done using a sleek black countertop, or something crisp and bold like a brighter color with little detail. The sleekness of a black or bright colored countertop will work great in any modern home.

Going for the ever-popular Spanish style home? Try a medium colored countertop with lots of detail in the actual countertop. So instead of choosing something sleek like you would for a modern home, go with something a bit more detailed and elaborate to mesh with the rest of your Spanish style home.

The three home styles listed above are no surprise in terms of popularity, especially given we are focusing on Arizona homes. However, you may be surprised by the types of countertops that work well with each style.