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What to Plant in My Phoenix Garden

Knowing what to plant and when to plant it in your

Phoenix garden

is the first step to starting a beautiful garden in your Phoenix homes’ backyard. Don’t let the outlandish Arizona climate scare you off. There are plenty of flowers, cacti, citrus trees and other plants that you can start growing. Because Arizona does get so warm in the summer months however, you’ll want to pay close attention to when you are planting certain types of plants, because not all can survive the strong heat.

Year-Round Survivors

To start off your garden, we suggest planting a few cacti and succulents. These are the types of plants that will be able to survive the Phoenix climate year-round with very little upkeep on your part. Arizona is known for its desert landscape, so why not carry that through into your back or front yard? The Saguaro cactus is a staple in Arizona. These cacti can survive the dry heat with no problem, and when blooming, produce beautiful white flowers. Other cacti and succulents to consider include the Prickly Pear cactus, Ocotillo, Barrel Cactus and the Agave plant.


Citrus trees are great contenders for a Phoenix backyard. Once you plant the tree, depending on its size when planted, it can take a few years to start growing fruit, but once it does you’ll be forever grateful! While your relatives in the Midwest or East coast are trying to stay warm in January, you’ll be outside picking oranges and lemons right from the tree. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Flowers are a bit more difficult as they are more susceptible to the fluctuating temperatures. Lantanas, Bogenveilas, Petunas and Gazanias are our top four favorite perennial flowers to plant in a Phoenix garden. All four can survive the strong heats and intense sun as well as the low temperatures in the dead of winter.

Lantanas provide lots of green and pops of color while blooming. Bogenveilas are great for up against a large wall or corner, and will add a beautiful and rich fuschia color. Petunas can be planted in pots or the ground and come in a variety of colors. Finally, Gazanias, native to Southern Africa strongly resemble a daisy and will bloom in vibrant yellows and oranges.

Create the Garden

Now that you know what to plant in your garden, you’ll want to create a secluded area for this garden. An excellent way to do this is by first creating a border or outline around where the garden will be by using stone pavers. Once you have the border in place, you can start working your way upwards by turning that border into a low wall, especially if you have little kids, pets or wild animals that you want to keep out. Depending on the size of your new garden, you can even add in stepping stones using pavers or pieces of Flagstone so that you can easily (and cleanly) walk through the garden.