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Which Counters to Pair with a Copper Sink

Copper sinks are the newest interior design must-have when it comes to the kitchen, but choosing a countertop to pair with the copper sink can be just as difficult as choosing the sink itself. Copper is a bold and unique material that works well in a variety of styles. Depending on the countertop material and color you choose, your copper sink can blend in or stand out.

That brings us to the important question: Do you want your copper sink to stand out?

If you answered yes:

Choose an extremely dark or light colored countertop. By choosing something white, off-white, black or dark-gray, your copper sink will stand out and contrast against the counters, leaving your sink to be the focal point of your kitchen. If your home is leaning towards the more modern or contemporary style, choosing a contrasting countertop which allows your copper sink to pop is a great choice!


Imperial White Granite
Impala Black Granite
Black Galaxy Prefab
Durango Cream Prefab

If you answered no:

Choose a medium toned countertop. Something with a lot of pattern such as multi-colored granite will blend in exceptionally well with a copper sink, allowing your counters and sink to share in the kitchen’s design glory. If your home is more traditional, southwestern, or Spanish in style, choosing a countertop that blends in with your copper sink is the best choice!


Giallo Fiorite Granite
Giallo Napolean Granite
Santa Cecelia Prefab

Whether you are looking to remodel your entire kitchen, or update your countertops and kitchen sink, our suggestions above will help you make sure you choose the perfect pair for whatever your kitchen’s style may be!