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Why Add a Petrified Wood Sink to Your Arizona Home

Looking for that one stand-out piece to bring your kitchen or bathroom to the next level? One of our unique petrified wood sinks may do just the trick! A true head-turner, these sinks will instantly bring your kitchen or bathroom to the next level by adding a bit creativity and a whole lot of interest to your space.

What does Petrified Mean?

We always hear of things being “petrified”, but what does that really mean? Well, for wood to be petrified, it has to be turned into stone through the process of permineralization. This means that all organic materials are replaced with minerals, without changing the structure or form of the stem tissue. This all has to happen before the organic matter completely decomposes. Cool, huh? We know it is pretty “science-y” but if it can make your home look even better than it already does, we are okay with talking science for a bit!

With your new knowledge of petrified wood, you can probably see how a petrified wood sink brings more to the table than a typical sink. Petrified wood is definitely a sought after material. Incorporating too much of this material into your home may cross the line, however in the form of a kitchen or bathroom sink, petrified wood is used in the absolute perfect way, bringing the outdoors in without going overboard.

At Imperial, we offer both stone and petrified wood sinks. Now that you know what petrified wood really is, you are aware that both types of sinks are actually a form of stone. Don’t be mistaken though—petrified wood looks very different than a typical stone does, especially in the form of a sink. Don’t get us wrong, petrified wood looks just like wood! However when you go to touch it, you’ll notice immediately that it isn’t an ordinary tree stump but in fact is smooth and hard, just like stone, but with the exquisite grain and detail of wood.

For many homeowners, this material is just what they have been dreaming of incorporating into their home. Something practical, that also stands out as a wow piece. Something that guests are drawn to and you are proud of. Every home needs those few statement pieces and if your home is still missing one, a petrified sink is the perfect solution!