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Why Choose Prefabricated Countertops

What does “prefabricated” mean?

Prefabricated countertops, commonly referred to as “prefab” are counters that are precut and that have the edges already finished. This cuts back on the overall fabrication time, cost and installation time!

Why choose prefabricated:

The benefits of choosing prefabricated counters instead of completely custom counters are vast. As mentioned above, because prefab counters are just that, prefabricated, the time it would normally take to get the materials, have them cut, finished and installed is dramatically reduced. This means that you can likely have your countertops installed sooner than if you were to choose non-prefab counters.

Similarly, this also means that your cost will be lower. Time is money and in the case of prefabricated counters, there is less time being spent cutting and finishing the material, thus reducing your cost as well. Not only will you be able to use the money you save to decorate the rest of the kitchen, but you will also be able to enjoy your kitchen sooner!

Much to the surprise of homeowners, designers and contractors all over the country, prefabricated counters come in an array of materials, sizes, colors, styles and designs. Your choices are certainly not limited just because you choose to go the prefab route. Just as your selection is not affected, neither is the quality.

Because prefabricated countertops come in a wide range of materials, colors, tones and styles, they can easily be used in any style of kitchen. Want your kitchen to be modern? Choose a simple and dark prefab counter to match your similarly sleek and simple cabinets. Going for something a bit more traditional? Try something with a bit more character and detail to it. Something like these Giallo Fiorito countertops, paired with off-white and decorative cabinets will be the perfect partnership for your traditional kitchen.

When it comes time to install new counters, whether due to a complete remodel or a simple counter replacement, don’t overlook prefabricated countertops just because of their name. We always recommend coming out to either of out two Phoenix warehouses to see firsthand what materials we have to offer, allowing you to get a good feel for what your kitchen could look like!