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Why Flagstone is the Perfect Outdoor Flooring Option for You

Looking for the perfect outdoor flooring product for your backyard patio? Look no further. Flagstone is a natural stone that comes with a long list of benefits that will keep you and your family happy in the summer and winter months.

So why is flagstone such a great choice for backyard patios? Here in Arizona, finding an outdoor flooring product that will work year round and meet all of your needs can be a bit stressful. However, by far the most popular and versatile product is flagstone!

Because flagstone is a natural stone, it makes for an extremely timeless floor. Natural stones are typically lower maintenance because they are already used to the various elements, making it a perfect material to use on your backyard patio near the grill, lawn and pool. It can handle both high and low temperatures, no problem.

Perks of Flagstone

  • Timeless
  • Natural
  • High-Quality
  • Long-Lasting
  • Popular and Stylish
  • Low Maintenance

While maintenance and practicality are typically at the top of the list, aesthetics are usually soon to follow. Flagstone comes in a wide (and we mean wide) variety of colors and styles. It can be cut multiple ways to fit a specific style you are trying to accomplish, however the most popular way to use flagstone is to have it cut extremely randomly and in mismatched shapes to add to its natural stone feel. This gives your backyard and strong rustic and outdoors feel, which is what most homeowners seem to be looking for when it comes to their backyard. Not to mention, flagstone is a rather thin material that is sometimes difficult to work with, so the less “perfect” of a style you are going for, the better the outcomes.