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Why Wood Look Tile is so Highly Sought After?

What is wood look tile?

Wood look tile is exactly what it sounds like - tile that has been made to mimic the look of wood. Wood look tile provides a classic and clean look without sacrificing durability or having to deal with the constant upkeep that comes with traditional wood. These tiles come in an array of colors and variations as well as textures and patterns, perfect for any home or any budget.

Why is wood look tile so popular?

Because of their resistance to moisture, wood look tiles can be incorporated into any room, keeping your floors mold resistant while providing a gorgeous yet classic look. They can even be placed on walls to add warmth and elegance. When it comes down to it, wood look tile is the best of both worlds. You get the affordability, ease of maintenance and variance of tile all while maintaining the warm natural vibes of traditional wood.

4 main reasons why Arizonans are choosing wood look tiles.


1. Affordable and Durable With prices starting at $1.99 per square foot, it’s easy to see why wood look tile is increasing in popularity. These tiles are long lasting so you don’t have to worry about day-to-day wear and tear as you would with other types of flooring, plus you’ll get the most for your money. On top of all of this, these tiles are good at retaining coolness which can help lower your A/C bill during those hot summer months. And when monsoon season rolls in, there is no better waterproof flooring to last through the flash floods.

2. Easy Upkeep Wood look tile is made of porcelain and ceramic which makes it resistant to scratches and other cosmetic damage. This type of flooring only requires occasional sweeping or mopping making these tiles a perfect fit in any high traffic area such as a kitchen, entry area or bedroom. The best part is these tiles don’t have to be refinished like traditional hardwood flooring.

3. Endless Styles Imperial Wholesale carries nearly 150 different types of wood look tiles, which means that finding the perfect match for your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom will be a breeze. You can mix wood looks, create a herringbone pattern or vary the plank size to create a unique look for your home. Given the nature of tiles, you have the freedom to lay out your tiles however you best see fit.

4. Child and Pet Proof Because wood look tiles are made out of porcelain and ceramic, they are resistant to scratches, chips and nicks. If you’re trying to decide between porcelain or ceramic tiles, porcelain is often going to be the sturdier option. The non-porous nature of porcelain prevents any spills or pet accidents from staining the flooring. These tiles are also incredibly easy to clean and disinfect. To read more about the benefits of Imperial Wholesale’s Italian wood look tiles as well as some cleaning techniques check here.


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